First Blog Post

October 5, 2009 Uncategorized Leave a comment

Hey guys, we have decided to start a blog! I hope you are all as excited as I am, we have been answering so many good questions and some of them are questions a lot of people are having and we thought you might like us to put all that awesomeness somewhere. So the whole team is in on this and we will all take turns posting valuable information, interesting antic dotes, and fabulous accolades as they occur. If you think of anything in specific you would like to see in our blog, please let us know. For now we are leaving comments off but feel free to message us or fill out our contact form. We will have someone with you as quick as possible.

That is really all I have for this go around, I just wanted to share how excited we were to be able to interface with you all on a whole new level. One of these days we are bound to get around to setting up our own social media sites (we’ve been so busy setting up everyone else’!!!) and in the future we hope to incorporate video blogging to bring some of our informational answers to everyone! Talk to you soon and please, keep the questions coming, we love it!