In this uncertainty, let us be your guiding light

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It can be a bit difficult to get started with your presence on the internet, and even harder to have a firm grasp on all the little things that can be done online for your business. From the equipment necessary to connect to the internet in the first place, to effectively marketing to the right audiences, Nova Bomb can help you build or grow your place on the web. Have you heard terms like: E-mail Marketing, Internet Video Blogging (IVB), Online Digital Development (ODD), Online Reputation Optimization (ORO), Online Social Media (OSM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Website Design, Website Construction, Website Development? Most of you have, if you have navigated our site, but may still wonder what it all means. A lot of agencies won’t want to tell you the details. Through our blog we strive to clear the air of mysticism around all these terms and more.

You might wonder why we would be willing to do that. The answer is simple, the processes are time consuming in many of these cases and not difficult. The more practice you have the less time you can spend on this but even those well practiced still have to spend a lot of time to be effective in these areas. It only makes sense though that we help you not only understand what it is we do and why but also help you do the parts you cannot afford to have someone else do for you and we will take care of the parts that you have decided are to time consuming for you. Also, having a firm grasp on what all these various terms means helps convey the significant importance and amazing ROI that online digital development has.

If you need a website built and designed (or rebuilt and redesigned), hiring someone who has experience with the process who will work with you until you are satisfied is incredibly important. It can make the difference between a good website and a great one. It cannot end there though, to make your investment really return value you need to address all these other continuing development processes.

Once you have a place to send your customers, finding customers is next. This can mean advertising on relevant sites, submitting links to social media and bookmarking sites, setting up social networking profiles, and making sure that when someone uses a search engine to find your product or service, they will find you immediately. Throughout this process, we will be teaching you how to interact with your customers through email and various kinds of blogging or handling these process for you. However, a part of our presence frequently online without our knowledge is our reputation.

I want to take a minute to address this one more thoroughly. Review sites have boomed across the internet, with some of the largest online companies on the internet pioneering the way. Such as, or have places for consumers of products and services to tell others about their experiences with a company. This has expanded to social media such as Facebook. So even if you have no website at all, people could still be talking about you online. It is important to take every step you can to ensure that this online reputation displays you in a positive light and there are steps you can take to help with that. Though this is just one piece of the puzzle we feel it is vital to learn more about all these online digital buzz phrases and what they mean for you and your development as a business.

You are always welcome to contact us even if you only have questions you want answered about what many of these digital phrases mean.