Tax Day -_-

April 15, 2010 Uncategorized Leave a comment

So, I had hoped to make a post this month but I am going to be absolutely swamped as we have planting in the garden to get done! Spring is coming to a close down here in the Stafford, Texas / Houston, Texas area. My gardening is well behind but I do have some tomatoes to get into the ground and fortunately a few I already got in the ground in March. It may strike some people as odd that I prepare taxes, garden extensively (see ), and build websites and computers.

That is perfectly alright with me. I am proud of being odd. So much so that I even use that as my job description: Online Digital Development. I may even dedicate a website to what ODD means and how important it is to be ODD. Until then, see you next month. Same bat channel, same bat time!