Working With Social Networks

May 14, 2010 Uncategorized Leave a comment

I have been receiving a lot of questions about what social networks are and how they could talking about our personal lives or letting our employees talk about the mundane business happenings or their personal lives possibly be beneficial to a business. I hope to clear some of that up because social networks are vital to your business, every business. They are worth every second of time you can spend on them, and they certainly are not just for the new generation. Fortunately you do not have to know a thing about these websites to benefit from them if you are willing to pay reasonable prices to have someone else connect with the community on your behalf.

Today, the use of online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter has become increasingly important for businesses to promote their company, obtain new customers, and retain a loyal customer base. Social networks work sort of like parties. When you say something at a party, everyone present within hearing distance hears it. So it is with social networks. Each person builds their own unique circle of people within hearing distance. Instead of communicating things individually to their friends they now broadcast them on social networks to everyone withing “hearing distance”. It has changed not only the way people communicate with one another but also how people communicate with businesses.

Fortune 500 companies were fast to catch on to this trend and start participating in social media marketing and the like. Small businesses often do not have the resources or staffing to appropriately have an online presence, or do not understand the concepts behind it clearly to benefit. Those big companies have whole teams dedicated to observing their best interests in online digital development. This is a practice clearly out of reach of small to medium business, uf you are in this situation and looking for support, Nova Bomb offers a variety of services to assist with social media. Even if you only have questions that need answers.

The process begins with establishing which social networks would be most beneficial for your company. Creating and fully utilizing profiles for your business on the chosen social networks and then determining a stable, consistent way to present your business online. This is referred to as Social Media Optimization (SMO) and is valuable for established social networking accounts that skipped this initial phase.

Next starts the process of Social Media Marketing or (SMM) it is the process for obtaining new customers and building strong relationships with these people. As well as drawing in clients from the far reaches of the internet. It is important to  get the customer base  well established and growing before you can start to work on the retention of these clients. With this process or whatever step of the process you find yourself on, Nova Bomb will assist your company in getting on the right track. Once a firm foundation is set, the company should be able to continue to build up their social network sites.
For many the next part of the process is Social Media Maintenance (no surprise SMM) this is the part where you or someone working for your business directly interacts with your clients. Posting regular updates, news, responds to queries, responds to comments, and in general interacts with the community you have built. The most crucial thing here is to make this contact for the majority about something other than frequent pushes to buy products or services. No one wants to spend their socializing time reading commercials in their personal space. After getting clients withing “hearing distance” make sure to say things that engage them all on a personal level. The founder of Zappos is exceedingly famous for using social media to turn a start up company into a gold mine.