Big News for a Big Year

October 24, 2010 Uncategorized Leave a comment

Often, it is easy for me to forget in the nice quiet suburbs of Houston (Stafford), Texas where I live or Lewisville, Texas (suburbs of Dallas) where I stay frequently for work with its unobtrusive gated apartment complex how technologically advanced things really are even though it is my field. Some things just never change, little girls skipping rope down the side walk, boys running and playing ball together, and I am thankful for these things. For many, if not all, of us it is vital to keep abreast of the new things in play.

I thought that for fun we would review some of the most significant (in my opinion at least) technological advances for 2010. This can be a tough one, Apple seems to get more than their fair share this year with both the iPad (not enticing enough to hook me with its price tag but still an ingenious little device that has brought thousands of the technologically challenged into the digital era.) and the iPhone 4 which I talked about a couple months ago. I still love my phone, I email photos to my mom of what I am doing, I use face time with my fianc√© when work takes one of us out of town, and I use the phone as an mp3 player while it also keeps track of the intensity and distance of my workouts. Not to mention about a bazillion other things. If that was not enough releases for Apple there is also Mac OSX 10.7 “Lion” was just announced this month on the 20th

Another impressive technological advance for this year is 4G internet. Though most devices do not support it yet, they will soon and that means faster internet on the go. Staying connected has never been easier or more appealing. For many of us this shift in socializing and connection has been a daunting and difficult one but it has undeniable benefits.

Probably the nearest and dearest to me of big things this year was the 3rd generation Kindle release. These ereaders use ink to display the pages avoiding the eye tiring effects of backlit ereaders. Small with modifiable font sizes and able to read PDF files these babies make reading while on the treadmill, or while at the doctors office, it holds your spot and then slips into a pocket barely weighing anything. The battery almost never needs charging. I could not praise the Kindle enough, the only thing I dislike about it is the higher cost of many of the books but for the price conscious there are oodles of free books available.

4Square and other location based social networking is still a pretty new thing and though it is difficult to say how it will pan out I quite wonder how its benefits compare to the drawbacks. I don’t like the idea of everyone I know and their friends knowing where I am at any given moment to be honest. It just seems a little creepy stalkerish to me but I do like 4Square where they have turned it into a game and there are specials. I am all about saving money. I being who I am find the draw of a game with real life rewards irresistable. I have simply settled for not having any friends so only other people at that location or locations I am the mayor of give me away and of course I use an alias which is something you cannot easily do via Facebook yet. I know Facebook will revamp their “places” to compete with 4Square and the like the question is when and will they integrate specials and how will they protect their users from potential stalkers?

What do you think the biggest things this year were? Feel free to share!