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Happy Thanksgiving guys. It always feels to me that Thanksgiving is what kicks off the holiday season and that means it is officially here. There is no replacement for time spent with those you love. As a business owner though, even when you are with those that you love your brain is always working, wondering, calculating. Not in a distraction or bad sort of way. More in a positive, joyful manner, working to determine a clear plan, wondering how you can promote your business better, calculating return of investment on various advertisement options.

Well, if you are reading my blog you are probably already family in my eyes and for those of you who are new to the family I just want to remind you that you can send me an email 24/7 with your thoughts and I will gladly work through the process and help you determine a plan. I don’t charge for this, Nova Bomb has not gotten where it is because I charge everyone an arm and a leg, it has gotten where it is because my customers become family and they spread the word. As I always say, the best thank you that you could ever give me is a referral.

So if you are trying to lay out your plan for the year ahead don’t forget to let me help you form your online digital development plan because the other thing I am always saying is the most successful businesses are O.D.D.