YAY!!! =D

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Hey guys, I will continuing posting more, thank you for all the very positive comments on the site redo, it is appreciated. It took me a while to get the services pages written and the blog posts moved over from the old system (it sure seems to take forever to move over all that information) but it has been well worth it! If any of you have any suggestions at all for changes or features you would like to see that we do not currently have on the site please let me know!

We plan to add a new service here soon as well that I had mentioned monitoring before but I have come to realize it is yet another thing that many business owners just do not have time to do for themselves and that is Online Reputation Optimization.This is something very important to keep in mind for your site because in this case what you do not know can deeply count against you.

One bad review can turn away dozens of potential customers and no one wants that. More than ever people are looking to peer review to help them determine which businesses are trust worthy. What are customers saying about you? If you do not know the answer to this question, I implore you, find out. We small businesses’ stay in the market usually because of our impeccable work ethics and deep adherence to perfect customer service but often price wise we cannot compete or in man power. Comments about high prices or an unanswered phone line can be detrimental or sometimes people just get irrationally upset even if you did nothing wrong. Upset folk are a lot  more likely to speak their mind online than a pleased customer, unfortunately it is just the way it works. If you want more information about Online Reputation Optimization (ORO) also known as Online Reputation Management (ORM) please let me know. There are hundreds of review sites so it would be impossible to go into them all but for a good example of how peer reviews can affect sales look at products on and browse the reviews of similar products.