Content is Key

April 28, 2011 Uncategorized Leave a comment

So we all know content is important and that we want to make sure it uses the keywords we are targeting and the regions we want to rank for but we are going to go a little more in detail for this.

First it is important to update your content regularly, this lets search engines know that you are still active and keeps them searching your site regularly to check for new updates. The frequency of your updates will help the search engines determine the frequency with which they will crawl your site, and you want them to crawl your site regularly.

It is also crucial that the content be relevant to the topic of your website. Give them lots of good useful information. This is a part of web development that often gets over looked. These content updates need to fit smoothly into your websites design as an integral part of the flow. That is why blogs are so popular because they give you the perfect place to talk about your topic regularly and in bite sized pieces to keep the reader interested.

Do not just take your keywords and string them together. Search engines will know that your content is not as valid as say content thoroughly and carefully written about your websites topic. They are getting smarter all the time and I highly recommend that instead of trying to work around the search engines you work with them. They can be your friend because if you make a website that is the best in its field the search engines will help you get the people to your site.

Lastly make sure to properly title, meta title, and meta description your content. This will help you tons in the SEO field which coincidentally helps the search engines. If you are still in doubt how to proceed with these content updates have a professional help you get started. Let them be your example for the first few months and then you take over from there. Or maybe you write the content and pay them a reasonable sum to review it the first couple months until you are sure you are on the right track. It will be worth the price I assure you. With great content comes great traffic and that is a goal we should all be striving for in our websites.