What is Google+

August 30, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on What is Google+

Hello! I have missed you guys, sorry to have been so busy but I have at least kept up with emails and phone calls. All is going well in my world though and I thank you all for being so understanding. So, onto our topic for today. I talk all the time about how critical social media is to your business and how important it is to catch the wave and go with it to help with your overall online digital development plan. Now, everyone is hearing the buzz going around about Google+, Google’s take on Facebook in so many words.

I have had people asking me how they can use Google+ for their business. I am glad that you guys are thinking ahead and looking to take on new technology head first, that is a wonderful attitude to have, it really is. With Google+ though it is not for businesses, yet, it is for individuals and is still in beta testing. I highly recommend you get familiar with it and chat with your friends and family and keep a close eye out for when Google does decide to make it available for businesses, if they go that route.

I also suggest keeping an eye out for targeted advertisement opportunities on Google+ because I could see that being in line with the way they have handled their products in the past. I have also had a lot of people ask me if this is the end of Facebook and I don’t think it is. There is a chance that Google+ will be to Facebook what Facebook was to MySpace but that is yet to be seen and in the mean time it is important to be vigilant with your social media.

Interact with your customers as often as you can and provide them amazing customer service. That is really what is differentiating businesses these days. Why spend your dollar at a mass marketer who does not care about you when you could spend that same dollar somewhere where they know your name and always smile when they see you? Exactly!