About Us

Welcome to the Family

Nova Bomb has its roots back in 1994 when founder Aimee Hall created her first web site for a client out of simple HTML. Then, the company was run as a part time job while she finished up school and worked at other places but computers were always her passion. So, Nova Bomb persisted in the spare room of her apartment and continued to slowly grow with every customer. Over the years Nova Bomb has grown to include friends that share that passion for everything digital. Each person with their own specialization, every one of them dedicated to impeccable customer service and satisfaction.

Together the Nova Bomb team has fearlessly tackled many interesting and challenging jobs. Which over time lead them to morph into an ever growing family of dedicated designers, programmers, and computer technicians that share a passion for helping small to medium businesses compete online and in the market place with the heavy weights.  Because we understand that every business has something unique to offer and every business deserves a chance to tell the world their story.

With that in mind we would like to invite you to talk with us and see what we mean by impeccable customer service and individualized solutions. We look forward to making you our next happy client and our next friend.