Internet Video Blogging

Interaction on a Personal Level

Video blogging is a video that is made and posted to the internet that carries the sole intention of inciting a response from those who view it. Unlike online marketing that is only seeking people to view the material, video blogging desires a direct repsonse. Video blogs are also entirely at the whim of the maker. Online marketing is controlled by a company, for the company’s purpose. Video blogging is made by an individual, for that individual, in a way that the individual wants it to be.

Internet video blogging entails having a camcorder or video device, an editing software, or the knowledge of how to edit the video, and a host site to post it on. After you have all these things, you need a purpose for the video. These are similar to marketing on the web. Although, a video blog gives one a direct line to their intended audience. This is not to say that marketing online does not offer a direct line to the intended audience, it is just more general. It encapsulates a specific product or service.

A video blog allows the individual user to form a customer bond through interactive talks and videos. It allows the prospective or actual customer to see who they are dealing with, get real life demonstrations, and to have a direct venue in which to make querries of the company. It is a more personal approach to the interactive process. Online marketing services do allow for interaction, and can have videos, but they are not quite as personal when the messages go through a main repository for the company.

IVB, or vlogging, is an ideal means to back up a marketing strategy. Internet marketing can sometimes not tell the whole story to the prospective consumer. With a blog link, the company, or individual can set up reinforcement that ellucidates the message being conveyed by the marketing site. IVB offers a perfect venue for this. The company can use internet video blogging for customer relationship building. It will allow for a steady interface between company and consumer.

IVB is an ideal link for the company’s website. It will establish a link between the blog and the company. In terms of reinforcing the customer bond, the company can use the blog to monitor traffic and hits to their website. The blog can present the exact same information in a different format. In terms of customer relationship building, the blog offers a more laid back, relaxed approach to forming strong business relationships.

When a blog is used by a corporation with the intention of upping sales or exposure to the company, it is referred to as a corporate blog. These are most effective when they are embedded into the tradition text. To issue statements of quality assurance, or the mission and vision of the company is fine. With the right text or format, this alone can be quite effective. Although, if one was to embed not only a blog, but a video blog, reader’s interests would be substantially increased.

The use of the blog for building the bond between companies and their distributors, manufacturers and customer base is invaluable. The blogs can keep everyone in the loop, and updated to the most recent agendas and missions of the company. It enhances the basic text formats, and allows for a more personal touch to the message. Video also allows for the customers to see who they are dealing with, and what the particular products look like. Blogging opens lines of communication, and lets the viewers have that one on one feel with the blogger.