Online Reputation Management

As a small to medium business, your reputation is everything. You have to compete on a daily basis with large corporations that have a fortune to throw at marketing and reputation repair. Also, they often use lower prices to compensate for tarnished reputations. A smaller business cannot afford that, their reputation is everything and I am sure you can take pride in your reputation.

Now with all of the online outlets to voice opinions about a company, the game has changed significantly. You have to work full time to keep up with your reputation and unfortunately a person is far more likely to air disgruntlement than satisfaction. How are you supposed to battle that? What can you do to address these unhappy customer concerns? That is where “Online Reputation Management” comes into play.

Online Reputation Management, or ORM for short covers the many digital facets of a company’s reputation. A good ORM service will help you make sure that your locals are in order. You may not realize it but people may be commenting on your company without you even realizing it on many platforms such as Urban Spoon, Google+, Yahoo, City Search, Yellow Pages, and the list goes on. Everywhere people are discussing your business some basic information has been entered, though not always correctly. If you step in, you can ensure certain information is correct. Information like your hours of operation, location, phone number. A good ORM service works with you to make sure that you have access or have claimed your listing and that all data is accurate.

Knowing when someone is upset with your business is also vital and you want an ORM service to notify you of upset clients so that you can resolve the issue and turn a negative into a positive. Superb customer service is often the key, people are often afraid of confrontation and so will tell the world they are upset but not tell you. If you don’t know about the problem you cannot fix it though and that upset review sits there for hundreds if not thousands to see. Many people will be dissuaded from using your business because of a negative review. Don’t let that happen to you.

Additionally, a good ORM service will make sure your positive customer comments are being seen. They don’t do you any good sitting in a comment box where you are the only one who knows how much they love you! The world needs to know how much your customers love you so that the rest of the people become customers. People may not think to tell their friends and family how wonderful your business is unless they go asking specifically for a business in your niche. Getting those reviews online where they belong helps everyone see what a wonderful job you have done and there are a lot of ways of getting the word out.

So as you can see, ORM is a multi-faceted service that needs to cover a lot of aspects and cover them well. Few things are as important as your reputation and if you do not have time to manage this facet of business yourself you will want to get a professional to do so for you. A reputation can be quickly ruined by just a few tiny mistakes that go un-addressed.