Search Engine Marketing

Results that Matter, Results that Last

We get asked that a lot and unfortunately there is no simple answer. Almost everyone has heard of Google and knows exactly what they do, they operate the most used search engine in the world. They also operate a business model that revolves around search engine marketing, or SEM for short. Basically, Google indexes as many pages of the internet as they can find, and then sells advertising on this index list. The method works because the advertising is laser targeted to the search terms input by the user. After all, if you are searching for dentists in chicago, would you not be receptive to advertising from dentists in chicago? The answer is yes, 70% of consumers are open to advertising targeting their needs, and this is the proven results method that Google and other search engines employ on a daily basis.

As with any business model, there are 2 sides to it. Without web pages to index, Google would be out of business and generate no income. They want new content, and want to display the most relevant content according to the search terms. The thing they fear most is that they might give you an incorrect answer. This is a vital business tactic that keeps traffic flowing through the search engine, which in turn powers the search engine marketing, or SEM. SEM works in 2 ways. The search engines get advertising dollars from the actual search, and additionally share advertising revenue with websites that choose to host targeted ads for them.

Because of the sheer volume of requests that flow through the major search engines, being at the top of the list for a query term is highly desirable. The main method to accomplish this is through the use of search engine optimization or organic search engine marketing methods. In a nutshell, SEO is organizing your website into the most efficient and targeted content that the search engines want. Search engine optimization is often shortened to SEO because it is used so often in business. Many people view SEO as some kind of voodoo that they cannot learn. In reality, you can use SEO as a vital business tactic, much like you would use traditional advertising on radio and in newspapers. Though in many cases it is worth the time and effort you would save to hire a professional to do it for you.

Then there is another side to search engine marketing and this involves relevant content and spreading that relevant content around the internet. Many places do not have the time needed to continue generating and posting relevant content. So by creating enough relevant content of your own and sharing it around the internet and asking them to link to your website for use of your content are other vital parts of search engine marketing. A part of SEM that does not stop the moment your monthly budget runs out.

As one can probably see, it becomes a game of cat and mouse between the search engines and the content owners. The search engines want the best content for their SEM, which in turn keeps customers happy and generates lots of income from advertising. Website owners all want their site to come up on top, so they work extremely hard on their on-site and off-site search marketing and content generation to improve their ranking when a term is searched for. The engines change the ranking rules (Or algorithms) over time (without letting anyone know what exactly they are) and website owners adapt their search engine marketing methods through trial and error to improve and grow ranking.

While there is some debate on whether automated tools should be used by website owners when doing search engine optimization and search engine marketing, it all comes down to using the best proven results method. Larger businesses and websites can afford to have a staff of 10 or even 50 people working day and night on their ranking. This puts the majority of smaller site owners at a distinct disadvantage in terms of man power to compete with the big guys. Their content and overall site might be superior, but if they do not get their message out no one will see it. At the same time many of the larger search engines from upon the use of atomization tools, leaving business owners even more at a disadvantage. That is where Nova Bomb comes in, we can give you that bigger business advantage by doing the work for you. Our staff is dedicated to getting you the best results we can and helping you spread the word around the internet.

We advise against automation tools because if they trigger a flag, the search engines may remove your site from their listings entirely. Sometimes, even for months, and that could be detrimental to your income flow. We have individuals on staff that are highly efficient at boosting your rankings in a legitimate way through the writing of articles and building links with other sites that can use your content for their clients or blogs. We realize this is an area that raises many questions but is vital to success so we urge you to please contact us with your questions and allow us to walk you through this process so that even if you do not use our service you can do it on your own.