Website Construction

Not by Uncle Bob

Everyone who owns a business has heard the infamous words, “I could make a website for you.” Yes, it is possible for pretty much anyone with the ability to turn on a computer to “make” a website. If you want to take your chances, then Uncle Bob may be able to whip something together to get your business on the web. Having a friend or family develop the web presence of your business should be avoided if possible. In this increasingly web present world, your business website is critical to your business strategy and should be considered a major part of your business plan.

Thank your friends and family who offer to build you a website because they have the best of intentions when they make the offer. However, there are things to consider that are standard in website construction that they may not understand. Your website is increasingly critical to your business success because the majority of Americans will seek out businesses online before deciding whom to hire for any project. Your website is your vital online presence, and many potential customers will never get beyond your website if they are not impressed.

The right type of website construction will be incorporated into your business strategy. A professional designer will discuss your plans for business growth and get to know you and your business before development begins. Once your professional gets an idea about your business plan, they will begin by putting together a content management system (CMS). Not many websites use static web pages anymore because marketing shows that your site should be maintained continuously and interactive. For instance, with the right content management system you may have “members” of your website, or a forum or other method for your customer to contact you via your site.

CMS is part of the vital online presence because it allows changes to be made quickly without having to completely redesign your website. Other information that can be provided includes statistics of visitors, attaching a Twitter or Facebook account, or providing daily, weekly, and monthly specials depending on your business strategy. Your professional web designer will also make sure your site is compatible across all of the major web browsers, something Uncle Bob may forget to test.

The process of putting your business online can be done by anyone who has the time to learn about web security, CMS systems, web strategies, and the various communication channels your customers will expect you to employ. It is no longer enough to have a single page with your address and phone number. You are going to want some interaction and the technology is available to get you their easily.

Hiring a professional developer will relieve many potential headaches. Your website will be created with the utmost regard to putting your vision online. It is your dream that incorporated your business, and these professionals can take your dream to the World Wide Web in a way that will make you proud. Professional development considers security, interaction, your vision, cross browser testing and many other aspects of development as they walk through your vital online presence. They also will be there afterwards to make adjustments and ensure that your site continues to perform with perfection. If you do not have a hosting service, one can also be setup for you, along with a domain name befitting of your presence. With the right website, your business growth becomes a reality.