Website Design

Essence of Success

Of all the services Nova Bomb offers, website design is the most difficult to put a description to. The very short version is that we have several designers and based on what sort of feel you are going for we will pick the designer that will best soot your vision. Then they will create their interpretation of your vision (usually more than one) and then it will be presented to you for approval so that we may continue with the construction process.

That doesn’t really even scratch the skin of how important a good design is though. It also does not touch the essence of good web design. In my opinion good web design takes your dream and turns it into something functional for the rest of the world to experience.

Depending on the purpose of your website there are certain functions that will have to be worked into your site design. This does not however, limit your imagination, and it shouldn’t. Our team will make suggest what we think would work best for you but often if you want something unconventional many companies will refuse your request or push you into something else. We won’t do that. It is that simple. We know and understand here that sometimes the greatest successes come from doing something unconventional.

With those beliefs behind us there are very few design restrictions in our way between us and making your dream a reality. Web design comes into play after the content for the site and the general needs for the website have been determined. Then a conference is held to understand the look and feel you are going for. Once we have that, we match your look and feel with the designer whose style matches best and they make it a reality. Sometimes providing two or three different takes on it and then they are sent to you for approval. You can make changes or suggest revisions to the version you like best until we get things tweaked the way you want them. This part is very vital and cannot be overly rushed as after the design is made it can be difficult to add to it later on.

It is important that you take the time and get the imaginative, innovative, layout that fits perfectly with your hopes and needs. A properly thought out design can last for years saving on the costs of updating a website.