On-Site Solutions

When the business computer system no longer supports the daily business processes, the time has come for a personal consultation with an expert in business solutions. Overall business needs will be evaluated against the existing computer system, and new answers to business challenges will be developed with your input. Key questions will be asked of individuals in every department to ensure all-encompassing solutions.

Businesses evolve over time, and the computer system must be maintained to support growth and change in existing processes and new ventures. When the computers currently in use create frustration rather than solutions, contact us for the best possible computer system design and implementation. The first personal consultation is free and might provide insight into possibilities that are revolutionary in the life of your business. Contact us today to set up an appointment and move your business into the future.

Computer Building

Special effort will be applied to assembling hardware for each workstation with appropriate processing power and storage space. One configuration for everyone may be best, but when power users need more features and functionality, custom ordered desktops and laptops are available according to virtually any specification. Additionally, we gladly build personal computers and gaming machines to specification.

Computer Repair

It is inevitable, hardware fails on occasion and response time is very important to minimize the impact on the business. Every effort will be made to provide same day personalized service to address the repair or replace the equipment. While working through the problem solving and assessment process, decisions will be made to determine if an upgrade of the equipment is required at the time of repair. Formal recommendations will be made for approval prior to replacement of any hardware. Printer repair is available with premium replacement parts.

Computer Training

Advanced features in software packages save time and produce quality results. Every effort is made to design training courses that will enhance the problem solving skills of the employees that will use the computer system. When one individual needs additional training time, personalized consultation time is available. Or one-on-one training in computer usage is available to get small business owners up and running online with the skills needed to process orders and communicate with customers.

IT Solutions

Proper attention will be paid to cost-effective business solutions that address business needs and avoid unnecessary equipment and software. Current equipment will be included in the final system design and custom ordered equipment will be of the best quality and price.


Optimizing the use of printers, copiers, and fax capability requires computer network business solutions. In the earliest stages of defining the computer configuration, custom ordered equipment to run the network will be built and installed. Security software will be installed to protect the network from breaches.

Problem Consultation

During the first personal consultation, every aspect of the business will be discussed to assess the current needs and future plans for business growth. Information gathering is critical to the success of recommended business solutions, and input from multiple people will be included in this process to ensure a complete approach to problem solving. We will do our best to offer several possible solutions for your unique case.

Software Installation

Every business process will be addressed with the appropriate software for consistent document handling and security of all data. Software licenses will be managed within appropriate guidelines and only approved software will be installed on the equipment. When one workstation needs additional software installed, personalized service will be given to meet each business’ needs.

Virus Removal

While every effort is made to prevent the invasion of a virus from the internet or an inbound email attachment, new viruses can penetrate any part of the computer system. Whether a computer virus attacks an individual machine or the network server, same day service will be provided to eradicate the system and restore data. Consistent virus software updates will be made automatically.