Computer Repair

Get to the Source of the Problem

Computers are just machines and like other machines they sometimes breakdown and require repair. Often times when computers break down or are having problems, people don’t know what the exact cause of problem is, often spending a lot of precious money on new components that wind up not being the problem. We at Nova Bomb want to help, without causing you to spend unnecessary funds.

Our computer repair experts can properly diagnose and fix your computer in a timely fashion. In some cases we offer multiple solutions to our customers computer problem and let them choose which one they want. in other cases there may be only one option, like for us to replace hardware. If a piece of hardware is damaged beyond repair, it must be replaced.

A broken computer can be frustrating. When a computer breaks down, some people feel it just might be too expensive to repair. That’s why we are here. We offer affordable solutions to your computer problems. It doesn’t matter if it is a faulty hard drive or a problem with your motherboard. We can fix it and we can do it at an affordable price to you. In some cases a loaner computer is available to help alleviate down time.

Sometimes your computer may be damaged by malware or other malicious kinds of software. This pieces of software can sometimes cause computer crashes and drastic computer slowdowns. We can analyze your system and fix any of these problems if they exist and have your computer running like brand new. There are many times when people think a problem is more serious than it is. They may think their hardware is failing when it is really malware or a computer virus that is doing the damage to their system.

As you can see, whether the solution to your systems problem is hardware based or software based, we can diagnose and fix it. We will have your system up and running in no time at all. Our computer repair work is done in a timely fashion and at a price that you can afford. No problem is too big or too small. If we need to replace hardware, it’s done quickly. Don’t sit at home with a broken system thinking it may cost too much to repair. Don’t sit at home with a computer that is having serious problems and hope that by ignoring them they will go away. They won’t.

Contact us and get your problems taken care of. Get that computer back to working like it is brand new. Affordable and timely repair is what we are all about. Get multiple solutions for your broken computer. We hope you will decide to give Nova Bomb a chance to address your digital development needs.