IT Solutions

Are IT Needs and Computer Issues Taking Over Your Business?

As a small business owner, you most likely have a plan, a dream, a vision of the cosmic all. Maybe more than one! That plan includes how you as a small business owner will spend your time, your money, and hopefully provide the product or service that is your passion. You also probably have an accountant, maybe a lawyer, possibly even a financial advisor or someone that helps you plan and manage your money in the best way you can. The goal of these individuals or organizations is presumably to help you optimize the skills and funds at your disposal to grow and nurture your business.

There is an implicit understanding that there are just some fields and professional services that cannot be left to chance. That implicit understanding needs to include in this category someone to handle your IT needs and computer issues.

You say you have already recognized this need and have an existing provider? Great! You have made a step in the right direction! That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to look – window shop if you will, by reading on. If you do not yet know the impact computer issues and IT needs have on you and your business, or just don’t believe it to be a big deal, try keeping track of the amount of time a day or week spent on these matters for a month or so, or even just track the time you would save if you had the right equipment set up for your needs.

How much time in your day is spent dealing with IT issues? Chances are the honest answer you have to give is “more than you should be spending”. In a tough economy, or even a good one, businesses need to make their time – like their money, count. Hiring a computer tech for a one-off occurrence sounds good on the surface but there may be issues you need to consider there as well.

There are a tremendous amount of services that now count as “IT” or technology. Everything from e-marketing and social media to networking and computer tech services along with smart phones and readers. You need to be up on terminology and processes that are staggering in scope. You can’t just ignore IT. Technology isn’t going anywhere. So what’s the solution?

If you are like most small businesses you know that American service and products are not only the best for American companies, but they are the backbone of our communities.

Teams like Nova Bomb are a great option for buying an American service. They are a one-stop shop if you will, offering a wide spectrum of services that can be purchased individually or any way your business model requires. What is the single biggest benefit to using a service like Nova Bomb? Consolidation. You deal with one company not 12 and that builds cohesive game plans that don’t require you to spend immense amounts of time telling the same issues to multiple organizations. If you have any doubt we can address your need just ask, it’s free and may save you a lot of time, money, and headaches!