Connecting the Possibilities

The online Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary defines a network as an interconnected or interrelated chain, group, or system. As a small-business owner, you know the importance of creating a network of colleagues and associates. You know the importance of networking with people who can assist you in further advancing your growing business.

The dictionary goes on to offer a synonym for network: system. It defines a system as a complex unity formed of many diverse parts subject to a common plan. It further offers that a system is a group of devices that is used to form a network or is used for a common purpose.

Telephone and computer networks or systems are an increasingly important part of your business. They are vital for the common purpose of growing your business, just like networking with your colleagues. While your system may have been rather simple in the beginning, just a telephone and computer, you find your requirements have grown as your business expands. Digital communication is vital in this electronic age in which we find ourselves. As your office grows in size and your workforce grows in numbers, you will find that you need a more efficient and reliable way to communicate. Shouting across the hallway is just not as effective as it once was. You need a more complex system of communication, not just externally, but internally as well.

Nova Bomb can assist you in designing a digital communication network that is adequate for your current needs and is expandable for future growth. Designing a workable network can be a complex task. Network cabling, component specification, and device linking can be highly technical tasks that require a high level of expertise. The team at Nova Bomb has the training and qualifications to assist you in designing and installing your system. The networking cables must be laid out in a manner that will allow your system to expand with your business. While an analog phone system may be adequate in the beginning, you might find that a digital communication network needs to be incorporated, linking your employees to each other and with clients, using an integrated digital phone system.

You might have started your business with only a telephone and computer. Your communication needs may have only included calling clients and vendors. The Internet was accessed with your computer with either a phone or cable connection. But your office has grown and you may need to consider a local intranet system to facilitate communication and collaboration among your office personnel. A device linking system, composed of routers, servers, switches, and other components, should be designed and installed to facilitate the growth and expansion of your business. Nova Bomb understands your needs and stands ready as your partner in digital growth.