Problem Consultation

Nova Bomb Helps You Grow

As a small business, do you feel voiceless? Do you wonder how to make yourself heard? We hear you. If you’ve read Nova Bomb’s story then you know that Nova Bomb and its creator understand what it’s like to be small, but we also understand how to grow in an increasingly competitive world. Nova Bomb will listen to your problems in a digital consultation and work with you to produce a needs assessment that leads to growth. Nova Bomb has your computer answers.

You understand your business. You know how to produce a product or deliver a service, but what do you know about search engines, social media or internet marketing? You don’t live in a cave. You understand these concepts are important in the digital age, but don’t have time to explore them. That’s our job. We’re ready to work in a partnership with you to help you grow in the digital landscape.

Do you have a website? Maybe you do and are ahead of many, but is it a quality website? Does it stand out from those of others in a positive way? Are you able to slowly increase the traffic to your website through off-site marketing? Or has it become another lost page in the cyber ocean, or maybe even a dream that has not yet come to fruition? Nova Bomb will design a website that looks good and attracts the attention of search engines. Nova Bomb’s search engine optimization and search engine marketing services will move your business to the top of the search listing and get it noticed.

It’s designs will also allow you to easily update your website with new fresh content that draws and retains visitors as well as provide a way for you to interact with potential customers. As part of a digital marketing strategy, we can assist in designing targeted email campaigns that delivers information about what you have to offer to people who want what you have.

But, that’s not all.

We can position you to become involved in and take advantage of social media sites that further your marketing reach and broaden your client base. We also assist you in making use of online social media to keep in contact with customers and potential costumers so they feel a connection to you and your business.

Nova Bomb has the skills and experience to make you heard. A digital consultation and needs assessment will provide the computer answers you need to grow your business in the internet marketplace.

That is just the digital or online side of things. Equally important to consider is having the correct equipment on hand to do the work for your business you need it to. Often salesmen will sell you more products than you need to make the sale, we do not have that drive. We want to help you establish the needs you have for your business and help you work within a reasonable business. Maybe one computer is all you need, maybe a laptop would make more sense. We can help you determine these things by consulting with you on what you want the machines to do with you.

We can also help you determine if networking solutions are needed and what level of computer will be needed as well as what software. There is a veritable cornucopia of software options for just about everything imaginable but finding the proper program for your needs can often be a daunting task. The purpose of our consultation is to help determine all angles of your current needs taking into account current budget needs and future growth expectations. Without considering all of these angles precious money can easily be wasted having to upgrade more frequently than expected or purchasing unneeded programs just to find out they are not what was needed.

Finally, sometimes you already have everything set up but the process is not working as intended or there is a key link missing somewhere. We are here to help with that as well offering the best solutions for your unique needs. It is our goal to ensure that wherever you are in the process we get you well on your feet and your workload lessened by not only letting the systems take care of more of the work for you but also by establishing systems that will increase your growth as a business.