Software Installation

Ensuring the Right Program for the Job

You’re small-business owner and because of that, you’ve worn a lot of hats. You’re not only the boss, but sometimes the receptionist, the advertising executive, the janitor, even the mailroom clerk. Why, you even get your own coffee. It seems that sometimes you have to wear all these hats at the same time. You’re good at it, but you do know you have some limitations. It could be that you feel overwhelmed when it comes to the computer technology part of your business. You need some help, but you’re not quite willing to let the office geek take charge of this very important part of your business.

You Need a Technology Partner

What you don’t want or need is just another service vendor that is ready to take your hard-earned cash and run. What you need is a technology partner that understands what it takes to really grow a business. You need a partner that can handle your computer needs like software installation and the routine updates of your system. What you need is a partner like Nova Bomb.

Nova Bomb Has Been There

From its beginnings in the spare room of an apartment, Nova Bomb has grown to be a full-service technology assistance provider. Nova Bomb has grown from one person, working alone, to a team of designers, programmers and computer technicians. Nova Bomb is dedicated and committed to helping the small-business owner become successful. The Nova Bomb team can study your business operations, assess your needs, and make qualified recommendations as to what software and applications will help you grow. They’re staffed with experts that will help you choose the right applications to expand and grow your business. Their qualified technicians are able to assist you with the equipment and software installation that is best suited for your business.

Nova Bomb Will Be There

Information technologies and computer systems are not set it and forget it propositions. Nova Bomb will be there to assist you in maintaining your system, too. Their technicians can be there to make sure that system maintenance, such as routine updates on your software, is not neglected. If your business needs change, Nova Bomb can perform further assessments so that your technology can keep up with the growth of your business.

With Nova Bomb as your partner, you have a team that can assess your needs, place the equipment, handle software installation and routine updates. That’s one less hat you’ll need to wear.