Virus Removal

Helping you Stay Safe

If your business is digitally connected, your business is susceptible to sabotage. Many personal and office computers are attacked by viruses every day. Viruses come from emails, employees viewing websites and other more subtle sources. If you want to maintain your computers health and avoid virus attacks, consider a dedicated antivirus installation.

Viruses come in many shapes and forms, for example malware. Malware viruses attack the system core more often than files in general. Malware increases the susceptibility risk of other viruses and removal by manual means. This virus is also known to be hard to detect by normal antivirus software’s; in some cases this brand of virus disables computer’s antivirus programs, not to mention the ability to run other programs normally. To eliminate this threat, an antivirus installation software being present will allow for removal via safe mode scans.

Virus removal methods are endless, so if your business does not have the time or budget to hire expensive IT personnel, you should consider a dedicated antivirus to solve your computer problems. Viruses are detected by the antivirus software in real time. Antivirus software has an internal library, or “wanted list” when it scans for viruses. When a file presents the trademark of the virus, the computer picks it up and gives the user the option to eliminate it. Elimination is not instantaneous, because antivirus software can cause system instability with careless deletions. They are however the easiest means of solving virus infections.

Viruses are capable of crippling computers and damaging a business’s reputation. Viruses can also be used to steal passwords and other financially crippling documents. Banks and hospitals for example employ strict standards, otherwise they would face lawsuits and business license revokes. To a small business the smallest sign of a security breach can impair the integrity of the business’ reputation.

So what do you do if it is too late and you find your defenses bypassed and a virus on your system that cannot be easily handled? Consider Nova Bomb for your source diagnosis and virus removal services. We understand the crippling nature of what a virus can do to your computer. Why take the chance when you can be prepared?